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7 Excellent Day Trips Outside of Santa Fe

You might head to Santa Fe for the weather, adobe-style architecture, unique food, and art culture, but there’s plenty more to explore just outside New Mexico's capital. What’s more, it’s all just a day trip away. No matter which direction you travel, you’ll find a multitude of diverse, captivating landscapes and geological wonders. READ MORE

These 9 Dishes Prove Santa Fe is Completely Obsessed with One Ingredient

In Santa Fe, you will be hard pressed to find a restaurant that doesn’t offer some form of green chile on their menu. Known as New Mexico chiles, they are roasted, peeled, and chopped into a condiment-like topping or made into a sauce. READ MORE


Zozobra Festival: The Weirdest Event You've Never Heard of

Picture this: a glowering 50-foot marionette moans and thrashes violently as a crowd of more than 50,000 people chant in unison, “Burn! Burn!” Gloomies (children dressed as ghosts) parade around as villagers light bonfires threateningly close to the effigy. A fire dancer battles the monster with blazing torches in a carefully choreographed dance as fireworks explode in the sky above. READ MORE